Weaning Kittens

The kittens newborn are very tender and it is easy to fall in love but it is not so easy to follow in weaning.

Let’s find out together how to wean a kitten.


The orphaned kittens very small are difficult to wean. In fact, it often happens that to facilitate adoptions, they separate them from their mother too early.

If you want to adopt a kitty then better make sure that it has already been weaned in the correct way. If, on the other hand, the cat is orphaned and too small or is still not able to eat the food, you will have to buy milk powder for kittens by giving it through a small bottle.

The milk should be warm at around 38 degrees.

As soon as you have finished eating, check that the cat has free airways to prevent it from suffocating.

What to feed instead of the puppy cats that need to be weaned?


The weaning occurs when the kitten passes from liquid food to solid. This important phase begins when the cat is one month old.

The transition to solid food, however, must be gradual and last approximately 3 months.

Precisely for this reason, kittens who are less than three months old should never be separated from their mother. The puppies learn to eat from the mother and learn to use the bowl by imitating the moves of a mother cat.


When the cat is 20 days old, it is already time to get ready for weaning. You can start buying small cat food and place it in the bowl.

Avoid forcing the kitty, some kittens are immediately curious and test the bowl, for others it takes more time so don’t be alarmed.

Know that if your cat eats solid food for the first time, it may also regurgitate it. In this case, do not worry because you will slowly get used to the novelty.

You will need to supply the kitten with specific food for puppy cats up to 6-7 months of age, then you can feed it as an adult cat.


We want to give you some suggestions on the various stages of weaning the cat:

  • From 20 days: administers wet or dry moistened food creating soft pate-like baby food.
  • At 40 days: the kitten can start munching the croquettes moistened with a little water.
  • From 7 to 12 weeks: it is the actual weaning period and the cat should be able to eat all types of food.

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