The True Story of the Cat With Boots


The most famous story that has a cat as its protagonist, is certainly the story of the cat in boots.

All of us got softened by the sweet eyes of the cat with Shrek cardboard boots but very few know the original story of the cat with the boots. That’s why we want to tell you about it.

It is a history rich in teachings and popular tradition.


Once upon a time, there was a penniless miller with three children, a cat, and a donkey. At his death, he decided to divide his few belongings among his children. At first, he left the mill, at the second the donkey and at the third the cat. The two brothers with donkey and mill joined together. Germano instead did not know how to live and said to the cat: “I love you and I know that you are a good cat but with me, you will only be hungry and you will live in misery, so it is better for you that you leave me alone.

The Sorano cat then replied: “You just have to do two things, get me a pair of boots and trust my wits. We will be in court in a few months! ”

The perplexed young man listened to him: “beautiful words cat, then you can also speak”. “The need sharpens the wits and melts the tongue,” said the animal.

So Germano sold his cloth cloak to give the cat boots and waited for events to turn to the best.

The cat, a skilled hunter, immediately got busy and caught a beautiful hair.

With his beautiful booty he went to the King’s Court.

He bowed and pulled out the hare shouting in a loud voice: “the marquis of Carabras, my master, send this to the king”.

The King, who was a gourmet, appreciated very much and even Princess Isabella was struck by that generous gesture.

The next morning, the puss in boots, showed up again at the court but with four beautiful pheasants saying: “Sire, I bring you a humble tribute from my lord, the Marquis of Carabas for your roasted gifts”.

The King, moved by curiosity, began to leaf through the book where all the nobles were noted to find the unknown Marquis of Carabas.

At the same time, the beautiful Isabella dreamed of knowing this mysterious count.

All morning the cat replied his homages until the month of July arrived which brought with it a sultry heat.

Puss in boots had learned that the King was going out with the beautiful princess to take a refreshing carriage ride. So the master woke up at dawn and said to him: “Soon master, you must take off your rags and immerse yourself in the pond because soon the princess will pass by carriage.”

“But I can’t swim!” Germano protested.

“Come on,” replied the cat, the lake is low, you just have to sit and keep your head out. The master as usual listened to him.

Instead, the cat ran to meet the king’s robe and began to meow, scream and ask for help: “Please, majesty, have the marquis of Carabas, my master, help you! Some bad guys robbed him of his clothes and threw him in the lake.

The alarmed King immediately sent the best help to help his most generous subject and had the most beautiful clothes there to dress him.

When Princess Isabella saw him, he was so handsome and so well done that he immediately fell in love with him and swore that he could not marry anyone else.

Germano, therefore, thanked the King for helping him and paid homage to his daughter by taking a seat in the carriage of the king who continued the journey to the palace.

But the puss in boots was already ready to carry out one of his tricks, and so he immediately ran to precede the King’s carriage.

He stopped along the road as soon as he saw the peasants and shouted at them in a persuasive voice: “Good people, soon the King’s carriage will pass, if they ask you who this land is, answer the Marquis of Carabas, you will not regret it!

As expected as the journey continued, the King asked: “Whose is this beautiful land?” and he heard himself answer: “Of the Marquis of Carabas sire”.

Finally, the cat arrived at the castle of an ogre named Ezekiel, who was the master of all the surrounding lands and asked to be received.

So, when he arrived in front of him, he asked him with great reverence: “But is it really true mister ogre that you are capable of transforming yourself into any living animal? Because there are those who say yes and those who do not.”

The annoyed orc replied: “I would really like to see who says no” and having said this he turned into a giant lion.

Just meowed the scared cat, “is more than enough! But wouldn’t he be able to transform himself into a mouse instead? ”

The obnoxious ogre laughed and turned into a mouse.

The puss in boots took the opportunity and jumped at it in two mouthfuls.

Then, the astute feline turned to the servants with persuasive and sweet eyes: “The King’s car and your new master will soon arrive at the castle. Receive them with a great gala dinner!

To make it short on the same day, the wedding between Germano and the beautiful princess Isabella was set, obviously all thanks to the cat

But what did the puss in boots gain in the end?

Only to take off his uncomfortable boots forever and given a good life that lay ahead he returned to do his job as a domestic cat.

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