How to Cut Nails on the Cat

Cat lovers, surely the cat with long nails have already done that nails on the sofa or on the carpets.

But the real question is: can you cut your cat’s nails? And if so how?

We decided to make this little guide on how to cut cats’ nails.


If the cat lives in semi-freedom, he will hardly need a manicure because his claws will wear out naturally.

On the contrary, if you have a domestic cat and your furniture is in tatters, it is easy to guess that we need to cut it! In fact, the cat’s claws do not wear out so easily except on the surfaces that are most dear to us.

To get around the problem you can think of buying a scratching post but if this is not enough you have to cut the nails of the cats.

How often do we need to shorten the claws of our friends? The answer is dependent: generally once a month maximum two for the nails of the front legs.

When you hear that the cat makes noise walking because the nails are ticking on the floor, well know that this is the right time for a nice snack.

Another useful move is to check the cat’s nails when he is relaxed: they are retractable and should not be visible if the cat is relaxing.


You should know that shortening the cat’s nails is also useful for preventing any infections and pains. In fact, the huge growth of the claws inwards can damage the bearings.

You can shorten the cat’s claws even when he is a puppy, making it easier to get used to this routine.

Can scissors be used to cut cat’s nails?

Especially if the cat is a puppy, it is better to have a cat nail clipper that is specially designed not to make dangerous mistakes or inaccuracies.


How to cut the nails of the cat that does not want?

A specific procedure must be followed:

  • lightly press the cat’s paw to release the claws;
  • cut only the transparent part of the nails (to avoid wounds and bleeding)
  • take care to cut only the pointed end and not beyond;
  • always use a special cutter and never human scissors;
  • do not proceed if the cat is very agitated you could hurt him;
  • if the cat’s legs are very hairy, wet them with water to better identify the part to be cut.
  • after the operation, give the cat a prize that can be a biscuit for cats or a handful of his favorite croquettes.

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