Home-Made Cat Food


Are you good at cooking and have you decided to spoil your kitty with delicious bowls?

With our recipes for cats, you can make homemade cat food without spending a fortune.

Obviously we have selected the most genuine and friendly recipes in the portfolio


You don’t need to be a sorceress in the kitchen to best feed our beloved furry. Just a little practice and a pinch of imagination are enough to best satisfy our cat’s appetites.

The products on the market may contain preservatives and allergens harmful to it`s health. Cooking for the cat allows you to feed it with genuine products at the right price.


The wet cat food made at home is a breeze!

The secret to an exquisite bowl is definitely the chicken broth, which is the basis of our recipe!

The broth is particularly suitable in the cold months because the cat is more reluctant to drink but also needs liquids to keep the urinary tract healthy.

Because of these characteristics, the cat broth is suitable for elderly cats with urinary tract problems but also for small cats that refuse dry food.

But now let’s move on to the facts, here are the essential ingredients for a mouth-watering broth:


  • 1 hen;
  • 3 l of water;
  • 1 carrot;
  • 1 celery stick;
  • a pinch of salt.


Put all the ingredients in the pot, add the water, and cook over low heat for 1 hour and a half. Then remove the vegetables and let the meat boil for another hour. In the end, separate the meat from the broth and pour the broth into the cat’s bowl. Add the white meat of the chicken carefully frayed and a little chopped carrot.

The broth must have an average density, it must not be only liquid because we must guarantee the right amount of calories, proteins, and vitamins to the cat, especially in winter.

This recipe is definitely a must, first because we can reuse the broth for soups or soups, secondly because we can freeze it in a container and heat it in the following days.

If you want to increase the supply of nutrients, simply add an egg yolk to the broth of the cat, better not to mix it completely raw, to avoid the risk of salmonellosis.

In addition to chicken broth, other tasty cat recipes are:

  • salmon with rice and carrots;
  • grilled sardines;
  • meat pate and offal.

We will also tell you about these recipes soon!


You should know that it is not only wet cat food that is DIY, it is also possible to make dry and long-life food with your own hands. Here are what they are:


There are many variations of cat biscuits, strictly salty because sugars are to be avoided! The basic ingredients vary from chicken to tuna with the addition of oats or wholemeal flours. The cat must eat it in moderation to prevent it from consuming too many carbohydrates.


There are also homemade cat treats! They are based on beef and offal with the addition of catnip or carrots.

We will talk about these recipes in the next episodes, so

P.S. if you intend to feed the cat exclusively with do-it-yourself foods you can certainly count on the advice of the veterinarian. Our pets deserve a healthy and balanced diet.

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