Hairless Cat

The hairless cat is a very particular feline since it lacks the classic hair and is characterized by a wrinkled and soft to the touch skin.

There are various breeds of hairless cats that stand out for their features but also for the price.

The best-known breed of a hairless cat is definitely the Sphynx.


The Sphynx cat also called the Egyptian cat, is robust and medium-large in size.

The ears of the Canadian Sphynx are very pronounced as are the cheekbones.

The lack of hair is due to a recessive gene even if there are more variants of Sphynx based on the total or partial absence of hair.

  • Sphynx peach effect: it has a light hair that makes it similar to a peach or suede to the touch.
  • Sphynx rubber effect: has a rubbery or non-slip effect to the touch.
  • Sphynx wax effect: it has a very oily type of hair.

The most pampering and particular features of these animals are the wrinkles that focus most on the muzzle.

Given the absence of the hair, these cats are sensitive to low temperatures and burns. They are not the typical cats suitable for outdoor living, on the contrary, they must be kept indoors and can only go out in mild temperatures.

A curiosity of this breed is body temperature: it is always very high because, having no fur, they must maintain constant heat.

Furthermore, they are not cats that carry out their own cleaning, they must be washed with a certain frequency because they have very oily skin.

If not cleaned they could develop infections and skin diseases but don’t worry because bathing them is a child’s play: Sphynx adores water, unlike other felines.

As for allergies, know that this is not a completely hypoallergenic cat!

The price of the Sphynx ranges from €700 for a pet cat to €2500 for a show and breeding cat.

Characterless hairless cat

Sphynx is one of the most popular breeds, especially for its character. It is not the classic independent and lonely cat, on the contrary, loves company and pampering and hates loneliness.

He gets along well with other animals and children for his docile and sociable temperament.

It is also very intelligent and easy to train, so much so that you can take it on a leash, temperatures permitting.

Agile and acrobatic, he is a cat who stands out and who loves to attract attention with his nice performances.


In addition to the Canadian Sphynx there are other breeds of hairless cats. Here are what they are:


This cat is a real hairless cat because it is completely free of hair and rich in wrinkles in every part of the body. The Kohona is also called a Hawaiian naked cat and is very rare and expensive.

Currently, the crossbreeds with the Canadian Sphynx are leading to a modification of the breed but it remains a rarity to be able to see and buy one of these specimens. Do you want to know the cost? Now that it reaches up to €5000.


The English Rex cat is not a real hairless cat but it certainly has similar characteristics such as giant ears.

It is quite wrinkled and has a short, curled coat that is not subject to molting. If you hate hair all over the house, this is the cat for you.

The Cornish Rex cat also hates loneliness and loves attention.

The only flaw has a very strong meow, especially in the heat period.

The price? It is around €1000.

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