Spring is the mating season: it lightens us by heavy clothes and warms our hearts, just like it happens for our cats in love. You need to be prepared for the first heat of cats, for this, we want to summarize everything you need to know to better manage theContinue Reading

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We know very little about the Befana if not the nursery rhyme: “the Befana comes at night”. Let’s see what the origins of the Epiphany really are. The feast of January 6 derives from pagan holidays: the Italic populations of antiquity celebrated the epiphany with propitiatory rites for the fertilityContinue Reading

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All cats are beautiful, but long-haired cats are without a doubt the most popular. The soft and lush coat makes them absolutely irresistible. Impossible not to want to caress them! If you have long wanted a longhair cat but don’t know which one to choose, here is a list ofContinue Reading