Cats in Love

Spring is the mating season: it lightens us by heavy clothes and warms our hearts, just like it happens for our cats in love.

You need to be prepared for the first heat of cats, for this, we want to summarize everything you need to know to better manage the situation.


When do cats go in love? And how long does the mating period last?

Cats go into heat especially in autumn and spring starting from 6 months of age, but it can also happen earlier.

Male cats, on the other hand, can be in heat all year round starting from the eighth month, depending on whether they have a cat in heat nearby and if the climate is particularly favorable.



During the heat, the cat can be more affectionate and rub on furniture and people, purring.

In particular, if when you caress her she crouches spreading her legs, that is the signal that the heat has started.

Cats in heat meow insistently to attract nearby males and eat less than usual.


Eh, nice problem, this depends on whether we want kittens or not. If we don’t want our kitten to have puppies, the solution is sterilization which must be done by relying on a trusted veterinarian.

Usually, it is advisable to sterilize the cat after the first heat. There are also those who opt for hormonal therapy that can appease the manifestations of the cat, but even in this case, the advice of a specialist is necessary.


The first heat of the male cat can occur from eight to twelve months, unlike the cat which is earlier.

It is known that the male cat, sly and innate predator, when it is time for love runs away …

Even if he lives in the apartment, he will try in every way to get out of doors and windows.

In addition to being a fugitive, he may also lose his appetite; you know love gives head, so there is no need to worry.

Another headache is that the cat in heat is used to mark the territory frequently by spraying urine here and there.

But it’s not over, even male cats vocalize like babies as soon as they hear a cat in the neighborhood, including night hours.


To help your cat in love, you can provide him with distractions.

Here the fishing rods for cats, balls, or toy mice can help you.

A stimulating environment full of shelters will help manage the restlessness of our furry.

If you really cannot undergo these feline instincts, the most obvious solution is sterilization.

If, on the other hand, it seems cruel to subject it to an intervention, be prepared for unexpected litters.

Ok, the father is not sure, but when you happen to hear meowing nearby, now that your Romeo may have responsibilities.


Cat fights generate wounds because the contenders fight with each other over the designated female to the point of harming herself.

If you have a cat that lives in semi-freedom, you could keep it indoors during the night to avoid shouting and night brawls.

During the day the watchful eye of the mistress will be able to better evaluate whether to let him leave for the conquests.

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