Cat Litter Closed or Open


The cat toilet is definitely one of the concerns of our cats. There are many models of bedding on the market but which one is really the best cat litter? Is it preferable to use an open, cheap, and easy to clean litter box or a closed anti-odor or even self-cleaning litter box?

It’s up to you to choose, that’s why we want to clarify your ideas a little.


Whether it’s open or closed, one of the most important things is to choose a size suitable for the size of the cat.

A majestic cat must have a large cat litter, in short, a self-respecting toilet! Likewise, if you have more than one cat in the house! Indeed, it would be better to use a different litter for each cat.

If, on the other hand, the cat is small or old, it is advisable to buy a casserole for cats with low sides, you will avoid unnecessary fatigue for your friends.


To choose the right type of bedding, several factors must be assessed, such as the area where it will be placed.

If you have the opportunity to put the cat’s toilet on the terrace, an open and easy-to-clean litter box is right for you.


Do you have a small apartment? In order not to risk spreading bad smells, perhaps it would be better to opt for a closed litter box.

It is very pretty to look at and decent especially if you often have guests in the house. Moreover, it can remedy the problem of the sand scattered around the house after the cat’s coats. Closed litter is also appreciated by our pets because it guarantees the right discretion.

There are also closed corner litters that optimize spaces and give the cat a corner of privacy all for them.

Be careful though! Some cats cannot stand closed toilets because of the overhead door that they have to open with their muzzles and could frighten them.

Also, if you have a cat, it may have difficulty moving and burying pee and puppies.

There are also closed litters with a sieve and self-cleaning litters that halve the work of our cats! Here’s how they work.


Using the litter box with a closed or open sieve is a breeze! Just place the boxes one inside the other by placing the sieve one on top.

Do you have a non- agglomerating ecological sand-like Lalettiera? By moving the sieve, the part of the soiled litter will drop downwards while the reusable healthy pellets will remain above the sieve. A great way to avoid waste!


The self-cleaning cat litter is really a very useful novelty but it is certainly not the cheapest solution!

There are several models of electric self-cleaning bedding that clean and disinfect the sand each time the cat goes to the toilet.

It works like this: the sand is raked and the waste ends up in the section used for unloading. Cats also love this technology as they are extremely fond of personal hygiene. Among the various models of automatic bedding these are the best known:

  • Self-cleaning electric cat litter little robot.
  • Cat genie self-cleaning litter.

We hope we have been helpful in choosing the perfect bedding for your cat. But remember that choosing the right sand is also important!

The cat litter must not contain perfumes or chemical additives and must not raise too much dust.

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